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Description: combination stove, grill, griddle smoker. 24x24 on an 80 inch frame built for off grid

Featured: Combination Grill & Griddle

Welcome to Percy Grills where all of our grills are custom made for you.  My name is Percy Barksdale and I have been a professional welder for over 30 years.  I am also an enthusiastic griller and years ago I felt I could build a better grill...and so I did and then I kept going.

My grills are all custom made from one Grillmaster for others.  With that they have the unique features that I wanted in a machine, but couldn't find such as dual gas or charcoal options, varied heating surfaces, warmers and smokers.   I build them the way I use them and that is what makes my grills popular and because I built it I also guarantee it against any defects for the life of the product.
All of our Grills & Deep Fryers are custom made for you so the prices listed are averages. 

Delivery within 100 miles or shipping are available, call for quote on prices. 

Please call or contact us for a personalized quote on grills?

Percy Barksdale


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