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Welcome to Percy Grills where all of our grills are custom made for you.  My name is Percy Barksdale and I have been a professional welder for over 30 years.  I am also an enthusiastic griller and years ago I felt I could build a better grills...and so I did.

My grills are all custom made from one Grillmaster for others.  With that they have the unique features that I wanted in a machine, but couldn't find such as dual gas or charcoal options, varied heating surfaces, warmers and smokers.  
I build them the way I use them and that is what makes my grills popular and because I built it, I also guarantee it against any defects for the life of the product.
All of our Grills & Deep Fryers are custom made for you so the prices listed are averages.  Delivery within 100 miles for $30 and shipping is available. 

Please call or contact us for a personalized quote?

Percy Barksdale - Owner

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Side view

Open view. Heavyduty grate 3/16 thick

Side view


Description: Stainless steel burner and setup for wood smoking.
Size: Cooking surface is 10ft long x 33inches wide.
Average price: $5000.00

Can be built to your specifications.


Front view

Side view

Open view


Description: Smoker trailer, custom built for client.
Size: 6ft wide x 5ft tall x 4ft deep.
Average price: Call for price

Can be built to your specifications.


Grill & Deep Fryer Stove

Description: Griddle and Stove for a deep fryer. Gas or wood.
Size: Cooking surface is 60" x 32"
Average price: $3300.00




Description: Gas & charcoal.
Size: Cooking surface is 5' x 32"
Average price: $2500.00



Deep Fryer

Description: This is a tow behind Deep Fryer. It's five feet long by 18 wide with a 3 stall divider with
ball valves on each stall. Carbon or stainless.
Size: Cooking surface is 5' x 24"
Average price: $2400.00



Pig Smoker

Description: Pig smoker with a pull out tray for wood and charcoal.
Size: Cooking surface is 5' x 30"
Average price: $2700.00



Deep fryer

Deep fryer

Description: Stove for deep frying
Size: Cooking surface is 24 x 16
Average price: $450.00

Can be built to your specifications.


The Patio Grill

Description: Gas, but can be fabricated for charcoal or wood
Size: Cooking surface is 36 x 28
Average price: $999.00

Material: 1/4 plate


Patio grill

Patio (close view)

Patio (side view)
Turkey Leg Smoker1

Turkey Leg Smoker

Description: Gas, but can be fabricated for charcoal
Size: Cooking surface is 60 x 24
Average price: $2200

Optional features: 4 rack charcoal smoker.

Can also be fabricated for gas call for price.

Turkey Leg Smoker2 Turkey Leg Smoker3
Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Stainless Steel
Deep Fryer

Deep Dish
(Carbon shown)

Description: Gas with one or two drain valves adn temperature gauge.
Size: Cooking service a whopping 24 x 24 x 9
Average price: $650 (Carbon), call for quote on Stainless.

Optional features: Metal Carbon or Stainless steel, basket or divider

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

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